[B-Mount] for Topeak Ridecase & Drybag, the most optimal position for smartphones on Brompton!

For the Brompton owner's essential accessories – the bottle cage B-Mount adapter is now on sale!  After modifying, you can combine your phone with any of TOPEAK's adapters and place it on your bike, it is also quick to release, after reading this article, you will find a comfortable and safe place for your phone on your bike.
B-Mount stands for:brompton & BIKEfun


but before assembling the B-Mount adapter, there is one thing you must have in advanced:

If you have no ideal about what this is, then you must have missed a very important article, in this case we suggest you read first the article below:

[bike essential accessories]Brompton specific water bottle cage adapter, mounting done in just 2 seconds! The precursor of the B-Mount system.

After reading this you can continue reading the rest of this article!  


This is the B-Mount, aluminum CNC machined,

the outer coating is similar in color to Topeak's mount, sand blasted and anodized. 


Bikefun designed two PU dampers under the B-Mount, using “see-saw” like construction and dampers (the pivot point is in the middle), it reduces the vibrations produced during riding, and it won't damage the coating of the bottle cage mount.

The price of the B-Mount is 300 TWD


Secondly, you also need this 

Topeak RideCase Mount adapter, priced at 600 TWD


[ Why should we choose the Topeak RideCase Mount system? ]


Because most of the mobile cover brand, are not designed specifically for bikes, most of the famous mobile cage brands are casual plastic shells… and labeled for Cycling… no consideration in water proofing, vibration damping, flexibilty in adjustments and easy removal and easy assembly!

Only the Japanese brand - Topeak is willing to specifically make a mold to produce a meticulous metal mount and it can support multiple mobile cages and drybags. The Topeak RideCase Mount can be tilted vertically and can be turned 90 degrees either left or right without any tools! 


Topeak designed a waterproof portable charger!

Tell me about it… what other brand has made a waterproof portable charger for bikes!? Very few!

[ Then why can't this adapter be installed on a Bromton? ]


Because mobile phone has a bigger size, and can only be installed in the middle of the bike to avoid collision with the cables on the handle bar! It just happens that the bottle cage mount designed by BIKEfun sits in the center of the bike, therefore the B-Mount is born to win the case!


There are three options available for the Topeak adapter:

1. RideCase: is a protective shell and can be used in daily life, it has a beautiful carbon fiber layer on its back!

When you want to ride, the shell can be mounted directly behind the Topeak Mount!

Always ready to go out riding with your bike! Just take your keys and phone and just GO!

RideCase is available for Apple iPhone series / HTC one series / Samsung Galaxy S Series

Topeak RideCase is priced at 680 TWD  (both black and white color options, but often out of stock ... when purchasing please call beforehand)

iPhone 6 / 6S / 6plus version is still in production, iPhone 5 version requires additional order inquiry (it is currently discontinued)

The HTC one (M7) case in black is completely sold out, we only have white available in the store.

We are just like you, looking forward to the new release of the HTC one (M8)!

The newest addition is the Samsung Galaxy S4, also, we will prepare the S5 version once it's released!


2.Weatherproof RideCase: Suitable for heavy outdoor activities and is only available for Iphone.

The price is yet to come, the dealer hasn't imported it yet (maybe due to competition in the market).

For those who's phone is not in the list, please don't feel upset,

Topeak also designed a model called DryBag and can also be used on many phones!

3. DryBag: Waterproof bag, rain proof, but not submersible in water!

The bag has the same quick release design on the back!

There are three sizes available S (Iphone), M(for phones under 5” screen), L(for phones under 6” screen) The price is 680 TWD


If it suddenly rains while on the road, you have nothing to worry with the DryBag!

If you phone is not waterproof and with no DryBag with you, then for the same scenario you may only look for a bag in the closes bin on the road (based on a true store)

The size M should be the most commonly used in the market. If it's not available then maybe you can try removing your present cover and try it again.

Because the dealer is often out of stock, BIKEfun won't always have available what you are looking for, you can try looking around in any Giant bike shop.

After combining Topeak-Mount with the B-Mount, you can install it directly on the BIKEfun water bottle cage!

B-Mount has two copper screws (for left and right side), and a steel screw for the stem cover to connect the Topeak-Mount with the B-Mount.

While folding the bike you only need to pull the adapter outwards, you phone mount will come off with it too! The bike will be back to its original state! Without any tools, you just need a couple of seconds.

Anyways, you phone will have the position on the Bropmton and you can take it anywhere!

(below, the silver B-Mount is a prototype)


In this position it is very easy to read your map, and you won't miss any call or message.

If you use a HTC you can even play music on its speakers, since HTC has two BoomSound speakers near the opening of the bag, this way the sound will be quite clear!


Below the B-Mount you will notice a small gap, this gap is designed to damper vibrations from your bike, this way your phone is protected!

B-Mount will continuously produce the mount for Go-Pro so that you can record your journey while cycling! In the meantime we are receiving many requests for a Garmin mount, however we tackling dome technical difficulties. If you have any ideas or requests, you are welcome to let us know!  

Above mentioned, are all the luxurious BIKEfun products made for Brompton, we hope you liked it!  


Price List:

BIKEfun Bottle cage adapter: 1,700 TWD

B-Mount: 300 TWD

Topeak-Mount: 600 TWD

Topeak RideCase Quick Release Carbon Fiber phone case: 680 TWD

Topeak DryBag Quick Release DryBag: 680 TWD