[B-Mount] for GoPro sports camera, use the camera to record your trips with your Brompton!

[B-Mount] for GoPro sports camera, use the camera to record your trips with your Brompton!


The Brompton’s B-Mount for GoPro adapter, has started distribution!

Through this new B-Mount, you can install the GoPro right in the middle of your handle bar.

Now you can record your trips with your Brompton~

(Please note! The B-Mount has to be integrated with BIKEfun’s water bottle cage mount for Brompton to use!)

funThe meaning of the B-Mount comes from: Brompton & BIKEfun

Before installing the B-Mount, You need to have the product below:

If… You don’t know what this is…



Then you may have missed a very important piece of article, we advise you to read it  on the link below:

[騎車必需品] brompton專用水架轉接座,2秒拆裝完成! B-Mount系統的開端。

After reading it, feel free to continue reading this!


Color wise we chose a raw metal anodized finish.

And in order to keep the same aesthetics of the Topeak B-Mount, we CNC machined it out of an alloy block.

GoPro B-Mount price 500 TWD


The bottom side of the GoPro B-Mount added a pair of PU shock absorbers,

Diminishing the frame vibrations in your GoPro, improving the stability and shooting quality.


To install, you just need to screw the two brass screws provided on each side of the mount,

Because the bottom side has the PU absorbers, you need to firmly press the B-Mount against the water bottle mount to correctly tighten the screws.

You don’t have to tighten too much, you may damage the thread or the screw head.

Only in this raised position, can the camera miss the cable housing of the shifters.

You can adjust the GoPro the same way as any stock mount.

This is the highest tilt possible.


You can adjust the height of the GoPro by reversing the B-Mount,

This way you can selfie yourself while riding!

Or even install a front seat baby saddle 或and sit your kid on it, to have a very nice frame for memories to come! (The weight limit is 15kg)


In conclusion, BIKEfun has developed these beautiful mod kits,

Allowing you to easily record your moments with your Brompton, have a nice trip!


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