2023 BIKEfun RAD. Bottle Cage Adaptor for brompton

建議售價MSRP $ 2,300
Price $ 2,100


This is for the Brompton owners,the specially crafted luxury program:BIKEfun Bottle Cage Adaptor.


It is made from single piece of aluminum,From hollowing it. from the inside to lose weight, to any single angle where there may be metal stress release points,BIKEfun used for the first time the five-axis CNC machining to make a component! After installation, the bottle cage mount looks just like an original part of your Brompton bike.

It doesn't matter what kind of Brompton rider you are,M Bar / P Bar / S Bar, it can be used with all these bars! You can install any bottle cage you want. You don’t have to remove it when folding, but if you want to reduce the volume you just need two seconds to remove the bottle cage mount!

After buying the Water Bottle Mount adapter, you will be presented with some protective transparent stickers, to avoid scratches on your paint,We guarantee that the sticker provided won't turn yellow after a year of use, imported from the USA. And we also design two different types B-mount you can install additionally. One is for Topeak ride case another is for GoPro. (B-mount isn't included, you can find it in our shop)


color: Silver (Titanium color) / Black




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